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Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's Number One

Today is the day I begin writing to whom ever is reading, a journal who talks back.

Since this is a food blog I thought I would begin with a simple recipe and, because I am hungry and its 8:40 in the morning, why not begin with showing off breakfast.
I adore eggs and being that its summer and farmers markets are everywhere we have been getting farmer's fresh eggs (yummmm!). Omelets are the way to go. Whip the egg with salt and pepper and add what ever your fridge bears, in my case garden fresh pepper and onion.

Does anyone out there share my love off omelets? Share with me you favorite toppings and joys!
Or if you need help to make one of your own please comment I can assist :)


  1. I just had eggs this morning so I completely agree with you as it being the perfect summer breakfast.It tasted so fresh and summery. Organic eggs are the best!

    xoxo Isa C

  2. I like cooking my omelets with green bell peppers, bit of onions, and a pinch of salt and pepper. And, of course, cooked in water, no oil :D


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