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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Egg Addiction...first step is acceptance

If any one's reading, I was just curious your favorite accompaniment to eggs is? how you like them? etc.

I adore over easy eggs. The center silently bursts, the warm golden yolk deluges across the plate and melts me into a puddle of joy. Mushrooms and eggs are like bffs. They complement each other so grandly. Sometimes eggs have an affair with caramelized onions, almost as delicious, they meld together beautifully. When this trio converges, pure and simple magic, ymmmmmm.

So here is what I made the other day: Cut some fingerling potatoes into thin discs, goldened then up on the skillet and sauteed mushrooms with onion. I then cooked some frozen spinach with red pepper flakes and placed the delicate over-easy egg on top.

So please, comment and share your magic egg dishes (ps check out my Gourmet Egg Muffin recipe too)

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