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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ahhh the magic of the Sandwich

My parents and I did not get home for lunch until 3 o' clock. We were a wee bit grumpy due to our grumbly stomachs. In order for the tense atmosphere to evaporate a quick lunch was in order.

We toatsted chiabata bread spread on some Olive tapanade (see earlier post), lettuce and fresh tomato. My dad also spread thickly strained greek yogurt on his or (if you are my mom) feta cheese.

Point is it was sooooo yummy and tasted like it took hours to make :)


  1. looks totally yummy - though I can't imagine spreading greek yogurt on a sandwich ... but then again, I'm a ketchup kinda girl :-)

  2. Yeah, greek yogurt surprised me too but we strained even thicker and it reminded my parents of feta cheese :)


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